Dream of upgrading to university .. soon - Medical Imaging,Under Approval



The MBA is an excellent guide for those interested in developing their scientific and practical knowledge required for career success in various business applications. It also represents a scientific qualification based on the modern knowledge and practical experience necessary for anyone wishing to succeed.excellence and creativity in the professiona.


In the framework of the partnership with the Ministry of Education - the island of the state for the purpose of training and rehabilitation of teachers  The college conducted a course for 80 teachers in the e-learning center of the ministry to raise their abilities in the teaching of English language ... Also ICDL course lasted 45 days ...   

Medical Imaging Program Under license

In the morning of Tuesday, November 4, 2018
The Project Committee visited the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research at Al Jazeera Technical College
To review the equipment of the planned radiation program for the College programs



Al Jazira Technical College is a university college with a distinguished level, Sudanese values and characteristics, sponsors its employees, aims to explore and develop the abilities, capabilities and human and technical skills of its students and users of its educational services and adapt them to serve the interests of local and regional communities.

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اعلان هام
تعلن كلية الجزيرة التقنية
عن فتح ابوابها لجميع طلابها يوم غد الأحد 14/أبريل/2019م على ان تستأنف الإمتحانات والدراسة يوم السبت 20/ابريل/2019م وعلى   جميع الطلاب متابعة لوحات الإعلانات بالكلية والموقع الإلكتروني

للإطلاع على جداول الامتحانات إضغط هنا





  • Classrooms 16
  • Digital & Analog Communication Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Analog Electronics Lab & power electronics.. more

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