Medical Engineering Program



Preparation of a highly qualified graduate in engineering education, to acquire knowledge and deeper techniques in the life sciences, electronics, computer science and information engineering.
Preparation of a professionally qualified engineer in biomedical engineering to acquire and view various materials related to the medical field, and quality control
Preparation Engineer An engineer capable of participating in the Communications Council, Hospital Engineering, Manufacturing and Development, and Academic Wafal.
Prepare a graduate of two years of continuing study in postgraduate colleges and question the best opportunities for practicing biomedical engineering in the field of development and industry with high levels of knowledge and academic skills in biomedical engineering.
The spirit of creating the spirit of collective and independent action and planting these values
Community taking into account the local and regional community in the field of medical engineering
Degrees: -


The Medical Engineering Program awards a bachelor's degree in honors in 10 semesters (5 years) in medical engineering.
Scientific disciplines of the program: -
Honor Bachelor of Honors in Medical Engineering.

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