Languages Program

The English Language and Literature Program was established in accordance with the Higher Education Policy and the importance of English in our world. Today, courses have been developed to provide students with an effective collection of academic and practical experiences that puts them at the forefront of the career ladder. The program offers a number of courses covering a wide range of topics in language skills, advanced writing, translation, general linguistics and literature.
It is important that this program is inclusive of a number of graduates who are academically qualified and equipped with the language skills component of the undergraduate program. The curriculum was designed to develop students' proficiency in oral and written communication and to gain proficiency in English language and translation. The courses are designed to cover general language skills using software to develop and improve proficiency in language research and provide students with a comprehensive understanding and practical experience of using resources and tools that will develop their ability to manage files on the computer, using word processors and database.
Establishment: Year 2011.
A distinguished and pioneering program in education and scientific research in the fields of languages ​​and translation to achieve knowledge and cultural communication with the countries of the world and to meet all the needs of the community of English graduates.
the message :-
To prepare qualified scientific and professional personnel in the field of English language and translation capable of competing in the local and international labor market and the field of scientific research through a high quality program according to the best international practices.
Objectives :-
The English Language and Literature Program policy is committed to the philosophy of Al Jazeera Technical College, providing graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and ideas to live and work successfully in today's world characterized by rapid social and technological change. The program includes four components (language skills, writing, translation, linguistics, literature) and a wide range of courses designed to achieve the following objectives:
1 - Provide an educational program in the field of English language and translation at a high level of quality and development in line with global developments.
2. Providing students with comprehensive knowledge of English language, literature, linguistics and translation.
3- Developing students' linguistic and communication skills through the latest technical means.
4 - Preparation of distinguished cadres in the English language, able to contribute to the service of the local and regional community on the one hand and communicate with the civilizations of the other world on the other.
5 - Improve the skills of critical thinking and creativity of students and develop their research capabilities in the field of specialization.
6. Encourage critical understanding of the thinking and cultures of the English speaking world and open channels of dialogue with English-speaking nations.
7 - Qualifying cadres of graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of English language in response to the desire of the local market and regional.
8- Studying the applications of modern technology in English, linguistics and translation.
9. Contribute to the service of the community by organizing courses and workshops in English language, translation, translation of cultural events and national conferences.
Degrees: -
The Language Program offers a Bachelor's degree in 8 semesters (4 years) in English Language and Literature.
Scientific disciplines of the program: -
1- General Bachelor of English Language and Literature.
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